Benefits of Surfing For Your Health

benefits of surfing

You may have noticed that many surfers don’t appear to be their age, are always in a good mood, and like being active. The advantages of surfing go beyond relaxation and amusement. Surfing provides several physical and emotional health benefits. Here are some impressive benefits of surfing for your health.

Benefits of Surfing For Your Health

Make you physically stronger

benefits of surfing

Surfing is an excellent cardiovascular workout that keeps your heart beating for the duration of the session. Because a big part of surfing is low-resistance paddling, you receive a terrific core and upper body workout. Once you’ve found a wave to grab, you’ll be balancing on your core while keeping your legs moving. Surfing is no exception to the rule that water activities are excellent full-body workouts.

Burn calories

The actual figure is difficult to pin down, according to several official health agencies. Surfing for 30 to 60 minutes can burn up to 130 to 260 calories for a 180-pound person. This is dependent on the session’s intensity. Paddling out at ease and catching nice, clean, green waves is far more taxing on the body than battling through dumpy sets. Whatever the figure, the advantages of getting out there vastly outweigh the disadvantages of sitting on your bum!

Boost immune system

Regular immersion in cold water has been touted as having great health benefits. Due to the release of stress hormones, it creates a sensation of vitality. Cold water pressure has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to relieve stress, headaches, and pain. As a result, we’re always urged to put ice on our injuries.

Cold water is said to increase your body’s pre-disposed metabolic rate since the temperature compels the body to heat up more faster than normal, igniting the fire and burning calories.

Dose of Vitamin D

benefits of surfing

Vitamin D, which is obtained via exposure to the sun, is necessary for strong bones because it regulates the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Vitamin D deficiency can cause weariness, low energy, and a bad mood. Your circadian rhythm is regulated and happy hormones are released when you are outside in the fresh air and natural sunlight. D-electable!

Boost mood

Nothing beats the rush of gliding along a wave on your board to make you feel more alive. Endorphins, which are chemicals in your brain that excite you and make you feel good, are released in tandem with adrenaline. Paddling, in and of itself, releases endorphins. Furthermore, there is a plethora of evidence that supports the good effects of cold water on mood.

Cold water therapy can also be used to help those who are depressed. So it’s no surprise that surfers are always pumped!

Improve sleep

One of the benefits of surfing is to improve sleep. Being outside boosts melatonin, which, in conjunction with your circadian cycle, aids in the maintenance of a healthy sleep pattern, such as falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly. Physical activity also aids sleep by allowing you to fall asleep sooner, stay asleep longer, and sleep deeper since your body needs to heal the muscles it worked the day before.

Increase flexibility

Increase flexibility

Improved flexibility allows for more fluid surfing and helps to prevent accidents both on and off the surfboard. You’re usually in a straddle posture, which in ashtanga yoga transforms into frog posture, which widens the hip ball and socket, allowing for more flexibility and freedom around the joint.

Shoulder dislocates are a type of motion used by your shoulders in sports like gymnastics and Crossfit. If practiced over time, this action helps to lubricate the joint and allows for a greater range of motion.

Connect you to the water and nature

Many surfers remark about a strong connection they have with the ocean, which may sound a little airy-fairy. The more time you spend in the water and on the waves, the better you will comprehend the ocean’s movement and everything that comes with it. When you’re stuck under a wave for longer than you’d like, you’ll learn to read it better and not fight it!

This is a physical and emotional condition that will improve with time. As a result, some people prefer to be on the ocean rather than on land! You’ll begin to feel more at comfortable in the presence of a seal if it swims close to you out of curiosity. As many surfers do, you may find yourself planning your itinerary around tide periods. People keep coming back for more because of the unexplainable emotional connection. The ocean’s allure and a deep-seated yearning for vitamin sea!


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