Best 10 Offbeat Things To Do In Goa

Offbeat Things To Do In Goa

If you’re a visitor to Goa, your schedule probably includes some beach hopping, relaxing at the shacks, partying at Tito’s, and sipping on some Feni. However, a true traveler wouldn’t be content with just that. Dig a little deeper and search for locations away from the tourist trail if you want to feel Goa’s heartbeat. Discover some Offbeat Things To Do In Goa by reading on.

Best 10 Offbeat Things To Do In Goa

While Goa is best known for its shacks and party atmosphere, don’t limit yourself to only having a wild time there. The options go well beyond simply moving from shanty to shack. There are a variety of Offbeat Things To Do In Goa, such as kayaking, island hopping, visiting mystical caverns, and satisfying your need for adrenaline. Here are some of Goa’s most fascinating and unusual locations, and if you skip them, you haven’t seen anything:

1. Explore Spice Plantations by Walking

Explore Spice Plantations by Walking


Are you looking for Goa attractions besides the beaches? One of the most unusual places to see in Goa is a spice farm. Explore the fresh plantation while it is fragrant and discover the different spices. Two of the most well-known plantations that you absolutely must see are Savoi plantations and Sahakar Spice Farm. You get to play with the magnificent tuskers in addition to taking in the natural beauty and strolling through the plantation, which is one of the top Offbeat Things To Do In Goa. Give them a bath or allow them to splash water on you while you are lying on your back.

We highly recommend to you Savoi plantations and Sahakar Spice Farm, an ideal place for walking to explore a spice farm, which is located at H.No. A-14 , Arla Bazar Keri, Ponda, Kerim, Goa 403401.

2. Go Crab Catching in the Backwaters of Goa

Offbeat Things To Do In Goa


Catching crabs is not a game for kids! Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Fearful of experiencing a minor snap? So it’s obviously not your cup of tea. You may think it is one of the Offbeat Things To Do In Goa, but it is nonetheless enjoyable. The crabs are caught in the Goan backwaters or on the seashore using improvised nets called “Kobblem.” Goa offers a variety of crab-catching tours, or you can simply make a local acquaintance in one of the villages and go on an adventure with them. This is one of the Offbeat Things To Do In Goa, so don’t miss it.

3. Visit a variety of islands

Uncertain about what to do in Goa? They decided to go island hopping, which is a must-do activity in Goa. These isolated islands of Goa are possibly the most picturesque area of the state because they are far from the city noise and boisterous tourists. These remote settlements greet you with historic Portuguese-style homes dotting the terrain, rich foliage, and a charming atmosphere. They are several ferry rides distant. Enjoy the atmosphere of the area, stuff yourself with some of the best loaves of bread you’ve ever had, and mingle with the friendly residents.

4. Play With The Dolphins in Sinquerim

Offbeat Things To Do In Goa

One of the most delightfully Offbeat Things To Do In Goa is to see dolphins. This fantastic hobby is not well known around here and is frequently disregarded. Typically, cruises depart from Panaji Jetty, Sinquerim, or Fort Aguada. If permitted, you are also welcome to have a swim and interact with these adorable animals, but only if sufficient safety precautions are taken. Excited? Do not forget to cross this off your Goa bucket list.

5. Feel The Chills in Devil’s Canyon

Are you looking for Goa attractions besides the beaches? Then Devil’s Canyon should be your destination. They claim that a demon once ruled this location, possessing influence over all of the local wildlife, including fish. The region was cursed, nevertheless, after a local fooled the devil and took his fish. Even now, when you visit the location, you can still sense the creepy emotions and unsettling silence. Numerous swimmers have lost their lives in the churning river that flows through a narrow gorge with numerous different rock faces. If you enjoy frightening adventures, this is a truly interesting offbeat location in Goa.

6. Walk Through The Dark Passages In The Goan Caves

Offbeat Things To Do In Goa

Few people are aware that Goa is home to bizarre caverns, some of the most romantic locations in Goa, with significant historical and natural value. Even some of these caverns are artificial. The Arvalem Caves, Lamgau Caves, and Rivona Caves are a few of the most significant caves in Goa that you should see. Don’t pass up the opportunity to go caving when you return to Goa. The experience would be really incredible, we wager! Do cross off one of the most stunning Goa activities on your bucket list.

7. Witness The Ruins at Cabo De Rama

Cabo De Rama, allegedly Goa’s oldest fort, has fallen to numerous invaders over the years, including Hindus, Mughals, and Portuguese. Following their conquest of it in 1700, the Portuguese erected the chapel and barracks. There are breathtaking views of the sea from every part of the fort, despite its poor maintenance and lack of visitor popularity. Just head to the fort if you’re ever unsure of what Offbeat Things To Do In Goa while on vacation.

8. Sailing A Catamaran Through The Waters

Offbeat Things To Do In Goa

Sailing on a catamaran is yet another unusual activity. You should definitely attempt sailing since Goa is the perfect location for it. This is your chance to set sail like the natives, who frequently do so. Apart from the monsoons, the weather in Goa is very good for sailing. Set sail on a cruise that you have booked for yourself. The optimal time to enjoy the activity is from dawn until dusk. Add this to your list the next time you’re considering Offbeat Things To Do In Goa.

9. Go cycling at Miramar Beach

Goa is well known for its partying, traveling, and biking. However, rent a bicycle for the day rather than a bike. Try one of the various bicycle tours. You would consider it to be among your best Goa-related experiences. Cycling is always enjoyable, and it may be really exciting to explore the rural areas of the city and the beaches in Goa on a bicycle. One location where you may rent a bike and explore the area is Miramar beach, where several excursions begin.

10. Visit Grande Island for a Day Trip

Offbeat Things To Do In Goa

Goa’s Ilha Grande is more commonly referred to as Grande Island or Bat Island. The island can only be reached by boat, and boat cruises are offered for this purpose. Depending on the tour company one has booked through, half-day journeys to Ilha Grande typically begin in the morning at 8 or 9. It includes a trip to Bat Island as well as other outings like swimming, snorkeling, and lunch while looking for dolphins. Since the tasks that each operator does may differ, it is best to have all the information upfront. Grande Island is nevertheless one of Goa’s most unusual locations, so what are you waiting for? Pack your travels.


Taking that trip to Goa that has been postponed repeatedly, at last? The authentic visitor experience in the beach city of Goa is best described by these quirky spots to visit. How many people did you cover? If not all, go to Goa one more and see them all! We hope this article about Offbeat Things To Do In Goa can give you some suggestions. Thank you!


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