Top 7 Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500$ Worth Buying

Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500 5

We want to show you the models that satisfy the need for a large screen TV with FULL HD quality and a price range of less than $500. Almost always, the operating systems on these TVs are sophisticated and user-friendly. In this article, we will recommend to you the 7 Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500$ worth buying. Let’s explored!

Top 7 Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500$

1. Sharp LC-50LE275X Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500$



Sharp TV sports a 50-inch diagonal screen, 1,920 x 1,080-pixel resolution, and a 200 Hz AquoMotion refresh rate. The 50LE275X’s Aquosmotion Lite technology limits noise with poor transmission by reducing image blur when viewing fast-moving scenes.

The device has a straightforward design, and the screen border is relatively small. The model from Sharp has the benefit of having protection mechanisms against things like fire, lightning, vibration, and unstable voltage. Users can link this Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500$ to smartphones and tablets using the MHL port, but there is no Internet access or smart operating system.

2. TCL 5-Series Roku TV

TCL 5-Series Roku TV

Another illustration of the cliché that TVs improve and become more affordable each year is the TCL 5-Series Roku TV 4K set. The 55-inch edition of the TCL 5-Series Roku TV that we tested for our review produced a reliable, high-quality image and comes with the well-liked Roku smart TV software, making for an appealing combination that costs far less than $500.

To increase the number of colors on the LCD panel, the TCL 5-Series employs a quantum dot layer. (QLED is the term used by TCL and others to distinguish it from OLED.) Additionally, it supports several common HDR formats in addition to Dolby Vision’s HDR (high dynamic range) format for 4K movies.

The TCL 5-Series also offers full-array active local dimming, which allows it to reduce the illumination on one section of the screen while enhancing another brighter area, to improve contrast inside scenes. It includes every feature we adored in the TCL 6-Series Roku TV R625 review from the previous year, but at a lower cost. (In fact, it received our Highly Recommended rating in the category of bargain TVs in the 2021 Tom’s Guide Award.)

All of this adds up to a really pleasant picture at a price that is difficult to match. The top-tier Hisense H9G Quantum Android TV (55H9G), which is comparable but more expensive, costs about $200 more at retail. Even while the TCL 5-Series achieves some better results in terms of color accuracy, the Samsung Q70T QLED TV, which also has quantum dot improvement, costs almost twice as much.

3. Toshiba C350 Fire TV- One of the Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500$

The Toshiba C350 Fire Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500$ should be quite high on your list if you’re searching for a midsize TV for a bedroom and you like Amazon Fire smart TVs. The 43-inch TV has every feature you’d expect from a smart TV, including: Fast and responsive, simple to set up and use, and, most importantly, extremely reasonably priced are all attributes of Fire TV and all of its capabilities.

The C350 does support Dolby Vision and HDR10, but not very well. It lacks the newest bells and whistles, like HDMI 2.1 or Dolby Atmos support. Its LCD picture quality is not quite as good as the similarly sized TCL 4-Series Roku TV or Sony Bravia X800H TVs. But the Toshiba C350 Fire TV is a terrific option if you like Fire TV and want the Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500$ where you can enjoy viewing some shows and even playing games.

4. Hisense U6G

The entry-level TV in Hisense’s 2021 ULED series is the U6G. It is a model that is affordable and has comparable picture quality to more expensive models, but it has fewer added features than most other low-cost TVs. It boasts a VA panel that works well in both dark and light environments. It displays deep blacks for an excellent viewing experience in a dark environment, and it even becomes bright enough to combat glare in bright environments.

It features an integrated smart interface called Android TV that offers a ton of downloadable apps but can be confusing at first. No matter what format your favorite content is in, it can be streamed because it supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10+. You can’t use it for high-frame-rate gaming due to its 60Hz refresh rate limitation and HDMI 2.0 bandwidth, and it doesn’t enable any varied frame rate (VRR) technology to lessen screen tearing.

5. LG UP8000

LG UP8000

A low-cost 4K Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500$ at the starting level is the LG UP8000. It replaces the LG UN7300 and UN8500 from 2020, and it utilizes an ADS panel, which functions similarly to an IPS display. Wide viewing angles make this sort of panel a fantastic option for a large seating arrangement, but low contrast and the lack of a local dimming feature make it a poor choice for a dark space.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get very bright, making it difficult to fight off harsh glare. It’s also not bright enough to produce an enjoyable HDR experience. In certain HDR video, vibrant colors appear dull and subdued because it is unable to display a wide color range.

Although it has a quick response time, which moves games or sports appear clear, its 120Hz backlight flicker produces some image duplication. Last but not least, despite having extremely low input lag, it only supports a 60Hz refresh rate and is not compatible with any advanced gaming features like variable refresh rates or HDMI 2.1 bandwidth.

6. Samsung AU8000

The Samsung TU8000 will be replaced by the Samsung AU8000, an entry-level 4k TV, in 2020. It’s a basic model without support for HDMI 2.1 or variable refresh rate (VRR), but that’s to be expected from a cost-effective alternative. It boasts a VA-like panel with a high native contrast ratio that operates best in dim environments, however, there is no local dimming capability to enhance the black levels.

Although it doesn’t get particularly bright, it’s not a bad option for a room with a few lights because it has a few improvements over its predecessor, including outstanding reflection handling. Unfortunately, it is not recommended for large seating configurations because of its limited viewing angles, which cause the image to appear washed out.

7. Vizio V-Series- The last candidates for Best 50 Inch Led TV Under 500$


The Vizio V-Series is their most affordable series of 4K TVs. Vizio is renowned as a discount television manufacturer. This Vizio V-Series (2021 Model) review will demonstrate how the most recent model provides a little more value. The TV has 4K resolution, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and compatibility with the most recent gaming technologies, including variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low-latency mode (ALLM).

Vizio also included a voice remote this year so you could operate the TV with your voice. All of that can be found in a 55-inch TV for less than $500.

Something has to be sacrificed to get that pricing with those characteristics. Brightness, color, and interface performance are relevant in this situation. Depending on what you value, such negative aspects may put you off. The V-Series is a good TV if price and features are your top priorities. It is also a terrific deal.


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