5 Best Samsung 55 Inch TV Under 600$

Best Samsung 55 Inch TV Under 600

Thanks to their widescreen and ultra HD 4K display, 55-inch TVs are very popular right now. These televisions are also big enough to allow you to view the content more closely. They create images of excellent clarity that are noise-free when seen at a distance. Best Samsung 55 Inch TV Under 600$ might make a great choice for a home theater.

However, finding a 55-inch TV with all the best features on a tight budget can be very difficult at times. Back in 2018, everyone believed that you needed a big expenditure of up to $800 or $900 to purchase a 55-inch TV of high quality. However, several manufacturers are currently providing the Best Samsung 55 Inch TV for Under 600$ with wonderful functions

Top 5 Best Samsung 55 Inch TV Under 600$

1.Smart Tivi Samsung 55 inch UA55M5500

Smart Tivi Samsung 55 inch UA55M5500

This Samsung TV has a 55-inch screen with Full HD resolution and cutting-edge imaging features like PurColor and Dimming Pro technology to help provide vivid, realistic images to the audience. viewers.

Additionally, two speakers with a combined 20 W of power, DTS Premium, and Dolby Digital technology will deliver a multi-dimensional, realistic sound effect that you can actually experience.

Samsung Smart TVs using Tizen OS provide a user-friendly UI and a variety of well-known entertainment applications, allowing your family access to additional entertainment options outside of traditional TV shows.

2. Smart Tivi Panasonic 4K 55 inch TH-55EX600V

Smart Tivi Panasonic 4K 55 inch TH-55EX600V

Best Samsung 55 Inch TV Under 600$ Panasonic 4K Smart TV TH-55EX600V came in second place because of its adaptable stand design and sleek but opulent black color, which help to improve any home setting.

Additionally, thanks to the broad viewing angle of IPS panels, the TV is praised for its capacity to display true 4K colors and more colorful and brilliant images. Simply connect the Panasonic Smart TV 55-inch TH-55EX600V to the Internet to access all of your favorite media on one big screen, including movies, music videos, web browsing, and other useful apps.

3. Sony 55 inch TV – X750F Series


Any angle can be used to observe the decent picture quality.Best Samsung 55 Inch TV Under 600$ screen allows you to have a wonderful experience even from a distance. The TV has a voice controller capability, so you can effortlessly operate it with your voice. When viewed, the image quality is excellent and provides crispness and sharpness.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) offers some incredibly lovely details and colors that will alter the way you look. With Google Assistant, your life has been simpler. Your voice can be used to operate the entire device. To get your preferred song or movie to play, you must request it.

A lot of online platforms are available thanks to the smart feature. You may play games with your buddies and view countless movies. The distinction between dark and light areas can be provided by the dynamic contrast enhancer.

Some main features of Sony 55 inch TV – X750F Series:

  • The screen can be viewed from any angle without losing quality thanks to the reasonable picture quality.
  • The picture quality is improved by 4K X-Reality Pro, which also offers a stunning and crystal-clear image to behold.
  • Fast-moving sequences can be experienced more effectively because to its strong Motion flow without causing the image to become hazy.
  • You may enjoy a fantastic TV experience with the Android function and stream your favorite programs.
  • Black will appear grey if you play a game in a dark room because of the high contrast ratio.
  • The greatest TV for big rooms or living spaces is this one. Additionally, because of its incredibly widescreen, you can use it as a home theater.

4. Samsung Electronics 55 inch TV


Unavoidably, Samsung TVs must be discussed while discussing the Best Samsung 55 Inch TV Under 600$. The Samsung – UN55MU6290 is a gorgeous TV with a ton of integrated features. It has a built-in smartphone application so you can instantly watch your preferred TV shows and films.

You can have a once-in-a-lifetime viewing experience with this 4K UHD TV. You may view any show or movie thanks to the built-in WI-FI capability. Additionally, you can install your desired preferred programs. In addition, videos will provide viewers a realistic experience because to the vivid and clear colors.

Its 120 Hz quick refresh rate offers clarity and smoothness during fast-moving material. Additionally, it has a remote control feature that enables you to manage every device attached to its HDMI port. You won’t have to worry about having many remotes in that way. It is a very good, reasonably priced TV.

5. LG C1 OLED Series- The last candidate for Best Samsung 55 Inch TV Under 600$


Even though we highly recommend its successor, the LG C2, this model is currently much more inexpensive if you’re attracted by the limitless contrast and deep blacks of an OLED TV.

The a9 Gen 4 chipset uses artificial intelligence (AI) processing to discern between objects and their backgrounds, which is at the core of many developments in the modern TV industry. This outstanding OLED TV has four dedicated HDMI 2.1 ports, making it perfect for next-generation gaming, and it also has a unique Game Optimiser menu that lets you instantly change the brightness, contrast, and VRR on the fly.

The LG C1 is not perfect. The all-glass display is quite reflective throughout the day, and we had difficulty with the way the new a9 Gen 4 processor upscales faces. However, these are minor gripes, and if you really require a brighter TV for very light settings, the LG G1 OLED model above delivers even more brightness – albeit at a higher price.


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