Unmissable Places in Kolkata For Tourists to Visit

Belur Math

Kolkata, the former capital of India, has a long and complicated history. It welcomes visitors through its fascinating arts, splendid architecture, great culture, and propaganda literature of the city. Moreover, it is the ideal destination for bugs to shoot, where they can find vast places to take perfect photos. This post will help you list some unmissable places in Kolkata to visit.

Unmissable Places in Kolkata

1. Victoria Monument

unmissable places in Kolkata: Victoria Monument


A majestic white monument, the Victoria Monument is one of the unmissable places in Kolkata, and for all good reasons. Named after Queen Victoria, it now serves as a museum and is perfect for history buffs. If you feel like taking a walk through our past and ponder the time India has gone from its colonial days, let visit this place. There are light and sound shows held in the evenings. India’s era of free struggle is not only represented by light and sound performances but also through a series of paintings, artifacts, sculptures, and books.

2. Fort William

The majestic mansion of Fort William is located in the city of Kolkata, on the east bank of the River Hooghly. Built in 1696, the fortress was named after King William III and was the first British stronghold in this country. This magnificent structure spans over 70.9 acres and is adorned with hundreds of arched windows overlooking lush gardens.

Throughout its existence, Fort William served a number of purposes, each completely opposed to the other. Originally, it consisted of wings and an inner fortress where prisoners were dragged away, which is why it was called the ‘black hole of Calcutta’. Today, Fort William is the property of the Indian Army and has a capacity of up to 10,000 servicemen. It also served as the headquarters of the Eastern Command.

3. Belur Math

Belur Math


It is a pilgrimage site in Kolkata that is famous all over the world. Here, people from every country come to experience peace and enjoy the tranquility inherent in this environment. The temple is beautifully built, skillfully and artfully speak the heart of the Ramakrishna Movement. It also includes a museum that you can visit for extra delight. Visit Belur Math, Ramakrishna Math, and Mission headquarters to find inner peace.

4. Science City Kolkata

This is one of the unmissable places in Kolkata that you should visit in one day and also a well-known destination among tourists. The highlights of this place consist of Space Theatre, 3D shows, Natural Science Park, Evolution Theme Park, Dinosaurs Complex, and Time Machine. It is the best place for children as well as youngsters to grab knowledge about light, speed, and electricity through some simple experiments. The unique idea of elaborating science is loved by everyone who visits this museum. Visiting this spot with your family and friends while taking a tour of Kolkata is a must.

5. Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge


Howrah Bridge is a giant steel bridge built across the River Hooghly. It is considered one of the longest cantilever bridges in the world. Also known as Rabindra Setu, it connects Howrah and Kolkata. It has a daily traffic of more than 100,000 vehicles and a multitude of pedestrians and is as historic as its grandeur. However, the elegance of the bridge comes alive at night when it’s all lit up. You can also take a ferry as it runs between Kolkata and Howrah, from the launch boat. The view of the city from the ferry, especially at night, is invaluable, to say the least.

The Howrah Bridge was the third-longest cantilever bridge at the time of construction, but it is now the sixth-longest of its types. It spans about 1500 ft over the River Hooghly and is 71 ft wide. There are a total of 8 bicycle and pedestrian lanes.

6. Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Another destination to visit in Kolkata is Dakshineswar Kali Temple. The temple is dedicated to Bhavatarani, an aspect of the Kali Goddess and ‘savior of the universe’. One of the oldest and most important temples ever built, it welcomes pilgrims from all over the world.

The temple was founded by Rani Rashmoni, who lost her husband and left a large amount of wealth. The idea of building this temple came to her in a dream and this was the last thing she did before her pilgrimage to Varanasi.


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